What A Specialist Garage Mat Is Made Out Of


Garage mats since time immemorial – since the first days when cars hit the roads and we all needed fine mechanics available to help them when they left the road – have been messy affairs in more ways than one. Not only have garage mats too easily become very grubby and oily, spreading onto both mechanics’ and customers’ clothing, they have also become quite dangerous, making it easy to slip and fall across.

Now, a specialist garage oil mat has been manufactured to replace these messy affairs. And if a flexible mat is not being utilized in industrial processes, where oil spillages and spillages of any number of other chemical solutions are possible, then a trademarked or specialist ‘perma-pan’ will be used. It is still an oil mat, not necessarily only to be used in your garage mechanic’s workshop. These mats are allowed to absorb spilled oil.

They are made from vinyl coated polyester fabric. The combined materials are quite unique to the manufacturing and engineering industries because of how easy these mats are to clean. A base fabric is used, and this layer is actually quite heavy. It is actually made from old tire cord. But it is still coated on both sides with vinyl.  Unlike other industrial material solutions like Teflon, the use of such materials is not at all ineffective in combating excess levels of spillage and preventing accidents due to slipping or tripping.

garage oil mat

The mats can be purchased in a number of different sizes and are not at all expensive, far from it. Large mats do not even retail for half of a hundred dollars. While these mats are specifically primed for industrial use they look ideal as all-purpose mats in the large home as well.